True Patriot Love Expedition 2018 - True Patriot Love Expedition 2018

Welcome to Warren Robertson's page

Support Our Veterans:

In April 2018, I have been hired as the True Patriot Love Himalayas Expedition Photographer. Our goal for the expedition is to raise $1 million to fund mental health and Veterans transition programs across the country.

My Experience:

To say this past summer has been life changing for me would not be an exaggeration. I have been extremely fortunate to photograph and participate in all three of the True Patriot Love Scotiabank Best of Canada Expeditions: The Cabot (Newfoundland), The MacKenzie ( British Columbia) and The Douglas (Northwest Territories).

Before participating in these three expeditions, I have never had the opportunity to sit down with a member of our Canadian Armed Forces face to face to learn about their world, and trust me, it really is an entirely different world. It is a world that many of us can't even imagine. The fact that these two worlds are so different, I believe is the reason that transition between the two can be so difficult. Many of the skills and trades of the CAF simply don't translate into our civilian way of life. This is why I believe it is so important to support organizations like True Patriot Love and help to make these transitions a little less difficult. Since 2009 they have raised $18 million to support military families. I have talked one-on-one to those who have been directly impacted by these funds and have heard how lives have been transformed because of them.

Please help make a difference and support so many who have sacrificed so much for our country.

*Please note that donations are not used to cover my participation costs and all funds raised go directly to True Patriot Love Foundation.